Leadership skills, Kathryn, really?  I don’t know enough about construction to lead anything!

Pshhtt, I gotta let you in on a secret.  You will learn on the go.  You will make mistakes.  You will build awesome stuff! And…

Leadership is a mindset, soft skills you can mold to fit any role or task.  And quite frankly, chances are you will be assigned tasks and a couple of people you will help tackle a project within no time anyways.

That’s the beauty of our industry.  Construction is a team of teams!  There is always a chance for you to step into a leadership role.  It will look different throughout your career.

The moment you start to learn these skills is the moment you will make career moves!

You got this!

I have rounded up 3 podcast episodes of Space to Build to help you navigate leadership skills, give autonomy to your team, and share what inclusivity could look like.  The guests will inspire you to reflect on your own leadership skills thus far and provide guidance on growing those skills!

To listen to an episode, click on the title of the episode or click the Listen Now button. These link specifically to Spotify. At the end of the post, I give you links to Apple, Audible, and iHeart as well.

Let’s get started!

1. 4 Tips to Becoming a Stronger Leader w/ Coralee Beatty

  • What to Expect to Hear: 
    • 4 Tips on becoming a strong leader
    • Learning to be compassionate
    • HVAC business ownership in Canada
    • Pushing ourselves to make independent decisions
    • Challenges to look for if you plan on starting a construction biz in the near future
  • Meet the Guest:
    • After 25 years in the construction industry, and successfully selling her HVAC/Plumbing business, Coralee now shares her knowledge, experience, and expertise with women in construction and trades to build their businesses for greater profitability, flexibility, and freedom. 

2. Bringing Inclusivity to Construction w/ Alex Burd

  • What to Expect to Hear: 
    • How to earn respect.
    • What it was like in the early stages of her inspection business.
    • What it’s like to hang with the guys.
    • Staffing people with disabilities.
  • Meet the Guest:
    • Alex Burd is a 24-year-old environmental solutions business owner in Tennessee and a founding member of the Crew Collaborative.  She is passionate about making a change in the construction industry and advocating for a more diverse and inclusive workplace for all individuals. 

3. How to Give Your Team Agency w/ Diana Pauro

  • What to Expect to Hear: 
    • How she landed a gig teaching an Architect AutoCAD as a 15-year-old
    • Why she sold a firm to backpack across South America
    • How she ended up in the US.
    • How she encourages autonomy among her team and welcomes diversity in her business.
  • Meet the Guest:
    • Diana is the Founder of Rebel Builders, a Design-Build Company based out of the Greater Boston area. 

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You are always welcome to reach out to me, Kathryn, the host of Space to Build, or any of the guests on the podcast.  To connect with the guests, check out the show notes or catch their contacts at the end of each episode.

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